49 First-round pitches at NYCEDU pitchfire!


49 Pitches in First Round of Pitchfire!

  1. Matthew Camp, Joe Lishi, Dan: VocabSlam – Urban Dictionary for the SATs
  2. Laluca Simple: Math Workbook 2.0 – math embedded in stories / historical context
  3. ChalkUp – free online education for developing countries
  4. Cavaughn Noel: BeMentor – kudos for insight & mentorship
  5. Practicamos – ESL & language learning facilitation
  6. Alia: Dash – create a playlist of parents to call from the road
  7. Max: Beyond Category – video professional development platform
  8. Champan Snowden: feedback for teachers – Kenobi
  9. Avi Eisenberger: bring the college community online to foster entrepreneurship – VentureBoard
  10. Jeff: peer evaluation of student writing with feedback – RateThisOne
  11. Carrie: travel abroad guide – Abroaden
  12. Michael – Students’ Voice
  13. Open my edu – making education more affordable
  14. Teachers overspend, environment matters – Optimal Classroom
  15. A.J.: classes are discrete, need comparative intel to balance student workload, cross-curricular collaboration – EdEQ
  16. David M: digital narrated graphic novels to improve ESL – GraphicLiteracy
  17. Andrew Morrison: QuizDashboard
  18. James: create interactive lessons from any YouTube video KnowHub
  19. Joe G: Fate of Civilizations (game-based learning for global citizenship)
  20. Tamara: search for curriculum & crowd-source quality   – Digital Resource Library
  21. Rebecca: Cypal
  22. Nidhi: Tutroid
  23. Carolina: SproutBox subscription curation service for age-appropriate learning products/toys
  24. Rob Steir: better sexual education for kids PhysioWorks
  25. Nicole: the younger, hipper, female Bill Nye; concept: content + role-playing + science – Stylish School
  26. LA: connect communities for learning (experts + parents) The Village
  27. Michael Bernstein: pen pals talking about news PenPal News
  28. Stephen T: educational aggregation & content indexing service Edugation
  29. Jared: online support community to make schools safe for GLBT students Home
  30. Alex Carter: Spotify for intellectually stimulating content Smartify
  31. Andre: YouTube for yoga for student behavioral improvements YogaTube
  32. Darren: EasyEval (Ezval?)
  33. Elizabeth: Portal for neuroscience & education content + science fiction the links the two communities Neuroeducate
  34. Marjan: connect friends, parents, and teachers to create social reading Biblionasium
  35. James: SnapGoods for teachers to trade teaching supplies HelpATeach (for now)
  36. Lawrence: KidClassSearch find and rate classes nearby & signup
  37. Aaron: connect experts to students & teachers Expert.ly
  38. Eli: Where to Go better college discovery
  39. Kevin: Student Dashboard save time by not logging into eleventy billion different things
  40. Brian + Rob: EduROI
  41. Max: online learning platform where parents can assign & incentivize student learning objectives Yapato
  42. Liza: Netflix for e-learning Mystro (digitally orchestrating all of your e-learning needs)
  43. Brian V: SolvedByMe online platform where teachers post problems and students post & share solutions
  44. John B: post ideas, crowdsource ratings that incorporate voters’ expertise EdLabNYC
  45. EachStudentNeeds: web tool to rally resources for educators
  46. Juice: experiential education, platform for starter kits After The Bell
  47. Jed: financial literacy for children & adults FinEd Project
  48. Scott: Livebooks choose your own adventure for the digital-social student set
  49. Melissa: web platform to target the unconscious brain Boucho